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With so many food bloggers around these days, it can be hard to pick the best ones. But don’t worry, we’ve done the hard work for you. We’ve picked out 7 food Influencers from India, some of whom have changed careers because of their love for food. Some are daytime hustlers and part-time explorers, and some have their own food communities. But they all share one thing: a passion for food! Let’s discover these food enthusiasts from all over India who are making a name for themselves and growing everyday!


Food Influencers in India
A collective of food influencers in India who are enthusiastic about culinary delights, sharing their knowledge and suggestions with fellow food enthusiasts.
  • Eatopian Chronicles by Swati Sucharita

Swati Sucharita began her career as a business reporter for the Times of India in New Delhi. Later, she worked on lifestyle reporting for the Times of India in Bengaluru, Ahmedabad, and Hyderabad, where she now lives. She used to review food for the Times of India in Hyderabad and wrote about food for HT digital media. She helped write the Bloomsbury Handbook of Indian Cuisine and runs a food blog called Eatopian Chronicles. In her spare time, Swati likes to try out new recipes and is learning to play the piano and refresh her French language skills.

  • Edible Garden by Nags

Nagalakshmi, one of the prominent food influencers in India, manages a very popular cooking blog known for its delicious South Indian recipes online! Her website Edible Garden is perfect for beginner cooks and anyone who enjoys trying new things in the kitchen. She posts recipes for various meals, as well as fun snacks, desserts, and even continental dishes.

  • Divine Taste by Anushruti

Anushruti, a food influencer in India, lives in Mumbai. She is a writer, nutrition advisor, recipe developer, photographer, and food presenter. She created and manages the famous website/blog www.divinetaste.com, which is followed by people from around the world. Anushruti is an expert in nutrition and enjoys blending the science of nutrition with the art of cooking. She combines modern nutrition with the ancient principles of Ayurveda.

  • Quick Indian Cooking by Mallika Basu

Mallika, a renowned food influencer in India, runs a blog that's both funny and sometimes makes fun of things. Her blog is nicely made and really useful for beginner cooks. She makes her recipes easy to understand and teaches how to make yummy, healthy Indian food that's also real. Her recipes are great for people who are busy but want to know more about cooking. Her website/blog mallikabasu.com

  • Archana’s kitchen by Archana doshi

Archana, a food influencer in India, has been an entrepreneur for almost a decade. She used to work as a software engineer but now she's a food blogger. She started her blog to help people discover new foods and solve cooking problems at home. Her YouTube channel, Archana's Kitchen, has videos with her creative cooking ideas like special diet recipes, lunch ideas for kids, and dinner suggestions. If you need cooking inspiration or want to eat healthier, Archana's kitchen is the place to go.

  • Aayi’s Recipes by Shilpa

This blog focuses on Konkani recipes and has been sharing food ideas for more than ten years. Her blogs on www.aayisrecipes.com shows you real Konkani dishes, inspired by Shilpa's mom, who she lovingly calls "Aayi." You can find everything from desserts to festive recipes on the blog. With lots of experience in Indian cooking, Shilpa's blog brings back old traditions and passes them on to the next generation thoughtfully. She's one of the food influencers in India who shares her love for Konkani cuisine.

  • Padhu's Kitchen by Padhu Sankar

Padhu Sankar, a food influencer in India, is a food blogger who enjoys cooking healthy meals, gardening, yoga, food photography, music, and travelling. Her blog is all about simple recipes using ingredients commonly found at home. Padhu Sankar tops the list of Indian food blogger who could help you learn this art

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