Influencer Marketing in India: 3 Real-World Cases of Social Impact

Influencer Marketing in India: 3 Real-World Cases of Social Impact

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In the ever-evolving landscape of digital media, Influencers Marketing in India have emerged as powerful agents of change. Through influencer marketing in India, these individuals harness their platforms to promote social causes, inspire change, and connect with their audience on a deeper level. In this blog, we explore three remarkable cases where Indian influencers have made a significant impact on society, showcasing the immense potential of their reach and influence.

Case 1: Prajakta Koli – Championing Education and Equality

Prajakta Koli, known as MostlySane, is one of India’s most popular content creators, with millions of subscribers on YouTube and followers on other social media platforms. While she is widely recognized for her comedic content and relatable sketches, Prajakta has also made substantial contributions to social causes, particularly in education and gender equality.

In partnership with the United Nations, Prajakta has been a vocal advocate for the "Creators for Change" initiative, which aims to address and promote awareness around issues like gender equality and education for girls. Her impactful video, "No Offence," which discusses the importance of educating girls and combating gender stereotypes, has garnered widespread acclaim and inspired a significant shift in societal attitudes.

By leveraging her platform, Prajakta has effectively utilised influencer marketing in India to raise awareness about critical social issues, encourage positive change, and highlight the importance of equal opportunities in education.

Case 2: Bhuvan Bam – Raising Funds for Disaster Relief

Bhuvan Bam, the face behind the popular YouTube channel BB Ki Vines, is known for his humorous skits and characters. However, beyond the laughter, Bhuvan has used his influence to support humanitarian causes, particularly in times of crisis. One of the most notable examples is his initiative during the Kerala floods in 2018, where he raised substantial funds for disaster relief.

Bhuvan leveraged his massive online following to launch a fundraising campaign, encouraging his audience to donate and support the flood-affected regions. His efforts, combined with his personal contributions, resulted in significant financial aid for the relief operations. Bhuvan’s ability to mobilise his audience and generate tangible support for those in need exemplifies the impactful potential of influencer marketing in India to facilitate humanitarian aid and promote community resilience.

Case 3: Kusha Kapila – Breaking Stereotypes with Humor

Kusha Kapila, a prominent social media influencer and comedian, has made waves with her unique brand of humour that often highlights and critiques societal norms and stereotypes. Through her popular character "Billi Maasi," Kusha addresses a variety of social issues, from gender norms to body image, using satire and comedy as her tools.

Kusha’s influence extends beyond entertainment; she uses her platform to challenge conventional stereotypes and promote a more inclusive and progressive society. By collaborating with brands that align with her values, she has effectively harnessed the power of influencer marketing in India to spread messages of acceptance, equality, and social justice.

Her campaigns often emphasise the importance of breaking free from societal pressures and embracing one’s true self, resonating deeply with her audience and inspiring positive change.


These three cases highlight the profound impact that influencers can have through influencer marketing in India. Prajakta Koli’s advocacy for education and gender equality, Bhuvan Bam’s humanitarian efforts during the Kerala floods, and Kusha Kapila’s challenge to societal stereotypes through humour demonstrate the diverse ways in which influencers can drive social change.

The influence of these digital creators extends far beyond their online personas. They are not only shaping trends and consumer behaviour but also raising awareness about critical issues and inspiring their audiences to take action. As influencer marketing in India continues to grow, it is clear that influencers will play a crucial role in fostering a more inclusive, aware, and compassionate society.

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