Top 3 craziest and most effective Ad campaign in Electronic Industry

Top 3 craziest and most effective Ad campaign in Electronic Industry

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In today's digital landscape, electronic brands are increasingly turning to influencer marketing to stand out in a crowded marketplace. This strategic approach leverages the power of trusted online personalities to connect with target audiences in an authentic and engaging way. By partnering with influencers who resonate with their brand values and target demographics, electronic brands can effectively build brand awareness, showcase product features, and ultimately drive sales through trusted recommendations.

3 Successful Ad campaigns in electronic industry

Case Study:

Xiaomi TV

Xiaomi, a company famous for its affordable smartphones, has successfully entered the smart TV market. In order to make more people aware of their Mi TVs and increase sales, Xiaomi decided to use influencer marketing. This case study takes a closer look at how Xiaomi worked with influencers to reach its marketing goals.


Xiaomi collaborated with a variety of influencers across different platforms, including social media, YouTube, and blogs. These influencers were selected based on their reach, engagement, and relevance to Xiaomi's target audience.

The influencer marketing strategy included the following key components:

  • Product reviews and Demonstration: Influencers were provided with Mi TVs to create detailed reviews and demonstrations. They highlighted the key features and benefits of Mi TVs, showcasing their performance and affordability.

  • Giveaway and contests: Xiaomi collaborated with influencers to host giveaways and contests, allowing followers to win Mi TVs and other prizes. This generated excitement and anticipation around the product launch, increasing engagement and brand visibility.

  • Social media promotion: Influencers shared photos, videos, and stories featuring Mi TVs on their social media platforms, reaching a wider audience and driving organic interest in the product.

  • Content integration: Influencers smoothly included Mi TVs in their videos about decorating homes, reviewing entertainment, and sharing their daily lives. They showed how Mi TVs could make people's lives better by featuring them in situations viewers could relate to.


     Xiaomi provided influencers with creative freedom while ensuring that key product features and messaging were effectively communicated to their audiences. Influencers received Mi TVs in advance to familiarise themselves with the product and create authentic content.


Xiaomi's influencer marketing campaign for Mi TVs yielded impressive results:

  1. Increased brand awareness: The campaign significantly increased brand awareness for Mi TVs, reaching millions of consumers through influencer content.

  2. Sales Growth: The influencer marketing campaign contributed to a significant increase in sales of Mi TVs, helping Xiaomi gain market share in the competitive smart TV industry.

  3. Favourable brand image: Influencer reviews and recommendations helped to build a positive brand perception for Mi TVs, establishing them as a trusted and desirable choice among consumers.

  4. Solid engagement: Influencer content generated high levels of engagement, including likes, comments, shares, and video views, indicating strong interest and enthusiasm among consumers.


     Xiaomi's campaign with influencers was really important for making Mi TVs successful and meeting its marketing targets. They used influencers' popularity and trust to let more people know about Mi TVs, get them excited, and sell more TVs. This campaign showed how well using influencers can work to reach and interest customers, making Mi TVs stand out in the smart TV market.

BoAT Electronics

Personal audio devices are deeply ingrained in an individual's personality, making them highly personal possessions. This is especially true for the youth in India, where both local and international consumer electronics brands compete to dominate the market. Among these brands is boAt, which made a successful entry into the Indian market in 2014. Utilising an aggressive marketing strategy, boAt has gained a significant competitive edge.


boAt adopted an aggressive marketing strategy to establish its presence in the Indian market. This strategy included:

  • Focused branding: boAt positioned itself as a brand that offers stylish, high-quality audio products tailored to the needs of the Indian youth. The brand's focus on style, quality, and affordability resonated well with its target audience.

  • Celebrity promotions: To enhance its brand visibility and credibility, boAt collaborated with popular Indian celebrities and influencers. These endorsements helped boAt reach a wider audience and establish itself as a trendy and aspirational brand.

  • Product Innovation: boAt continuously innovated its product range to stay ahead of the competition. The brand introduced a wide range of audio products, including earphones, headphones, speakers, and smartwatches, catering to diverse consumer preferences.

  • Digital Marketing: boAt leveraged digital platforms such as social media, e-commerce websites, and online marketplaces to reach its target audience effectively. The brand created engaging content and ran targeted ad campaign in electronic industry to promote its products.


    BoAt's smart ad campaigns have been a game-changer in the electronic industry! They've skyrocketed to become one of India's top audio brands, grabbing a huge 32% market share for smart headphones and earphones. Basically, everyone's choosing BoAt for their top-notch audio products!

Realme Smartphones

Wanting to reach the young crowd? Here's how smartphone brand realme did it! In February 2023, realme launched their realme 9 Pro+ series in India, packed with cool features and budget-friendly prices. To get Gen Z and young millennials hyped, they turned to a clever influencer marketing campaign.


  • Content Creation Focus: The campaign focused on content showcasing the key features of the realme 9 Pro+ series. Influencers created engaging video reviews, unboxing experiences, gaming performance tests, and stunning photography showcases utilizing the phone's camera capabilities.

  • Authenticity & Engagement: Encouraging genuine interaction, realme empowered influencers with creative freedom, allowing them to express their unique personalities and review styles. This fostered trust and authenticity with viewers, driving higher engagement.

  • Identifying the Suitable Influencers: realme joined up with a mix of smaller influencers on YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok. These influencers matched the folks realme wanted to reach and were popular for their tech, gaming, photos, and lifestyle posts.


  • Hashtag Challenge: realme launched a branded hashtag challenge encouraging user-generated content featuring the phone's photography capabilities.

  • Pre-Launch Hype: Influencers teased the launch with cryptic posts, building anticipation and excitement for the upcoming release.

  • Release Day Blitz:  Influencers released detailed reviews, first impressions, and live streams showcasing the phone's features on launch day.


  • Brand Awareness Boost: The influencer campaign significantly increased brand awareness for the realme 9 Pro+ series. Social media mentions surged, and website traffic spiked due to influencer content.

  • Sales Surge: The campaign translated to a significant increase in sales during the launch period. User-generated content with the branded hashtag further amplified reach and positive reception.

  • Targeted Audience Engagement: By partnering with diverse influencers, realme effectively reached their target demographic and fostered a sense of community around the product launch.


    realme's ad campaign for the realme 9 Pro+ series with influencers shows how well this strategy works. They picked influencers young people follow, made creative content, and truly talked to their audience. This successful Ad campaign in electronic industry launched the product well and made more people aware of the realme brand.

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