How an Influencer Marketing Platform Empowers Brands and Influencers Alike!

How an Influencer Marketing Platform Empowers Brands and Influencers Alike!

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Influencer marketing today has become mainstream.

It's all thanks to the online world opening the doors for people to find, interact and share, work, support, and grow together.

But, here's the catch!

"61% of brands struggle to find the right influencers for their campaigns."

"77% of marketers spend between one and six hours a week on influencer marketing activities such as outreach, collaboration, and reporting."

"44% of marketers said that managing campaigns and tracking results was the most time-consuming aspect of influencer marketing."

While many brands and influencers have understood its value, we can still see them struggling to get the most out of this marketing form.

They need an influencer marketing platform to help them easily perform all the steps from a single stop.

In this blog, we share why brands and influencers need an influencer marketing platform, with the features they should look for while finding one.

 How an Influencer Marketing Platform Empowers Brands and Influencers Alike!
How an Influencer Marketing Platform Empowers Brands and Influencers Alike!

Why is an Influencer Marketing Platform Important for Brands and Influencers?

1- Collaborate Easily and Effectively: Brands and influencers can connect, share assets and feedback, plan, and work on the campaign together.

2- Streamline and Manage Campaign: They can begin, track, react to changes, optimize, and evaluate the campaign's results.

An Influencer Marketing Platform makes execution seem like a cakewalk, so they only have to focus on the strategy.

3- Power-packed Partnerships: The influencers and brands can smoothly align, work, and see through the campaign.

It's only possible because the platform matches them based on their niche, target segment, and personalities to help them get the most out of the bond.

4- Build Strong Relationships: These platforms help brands and influencers stay in touch with each other during and beyond the influencer campaign.

They can share their thoughts, boost each other's profiles, and collaborate again when the opportunity arises.

What Features of Starbuzz’s Influencer Marketing Platform are Helpful for Brands and Influencers?

Influencer Discovery Tool:

Brands can find influencers from anywhere across the world (along with our database of 40K+ influencers)

They have to fill in these criteria to find influencers and build a mix for their influencer campaign -

  1. Brand: What's their category, target segment, location, and personality?

  2. Campaign: What are their campaign goals, content theme, key messaging, channels, and duration?

  3. Audience: What's their size, location, demographics, and interests?

Influencers can build a profile on our influencer marketing platform to highlight their -

  • Niche, target segment, location, and personality.

  • Content (type, format, topic, and intent) and get matched with the right brands.

    Influencer Report:

Brands can use an influencer report to evaluate the influencer's profile and decide whether they want to work with them.

Our Report analyzes their influencers on these metrics -

  1. Basic (Goals and KPIs) - Engagement rate, audience count, brand loyalty, retention rate, and referrals

  2. Essential (Right-fit) - Audience Demographics, Gender Split, Audience credibility, Brand affinity, overall performance, and consistency score.

  3. Profile Insights - Channel mix, content (best and least-performing pieces), campaign specifics, and past collaborations.

Influencers can take the help of the report to -

  1. Spot areas to optimize their profile

  2. Rework their content strategy

  3. Become more relevant to target brands and segments

  4. Reach a new and wider range of audiences and brands.

In short, our influencer marketing platform's report helps brands and influencers prepare for better and more impactful collaborations.

Campaign Management

It’s time for brands to start working on the campaign after they’ve built a mix for their influencer campaign.

It has two steps to it -

  1. Connecting with the influencers -

Brands can reach out to the influencers with personalized outreach, discuss, negotiate and sign a contract when they arrive on the same page.

  1. Planning and Launching a Campaign -

Our influencer marketing platform lets brands share their briefs with influencers and review their work for approval.

Brands and influencers can plan the campaign together -

  • How will they share the content, promote, and distribute it?

  • How will they engage with their audience and lead them to action?

Live Campaign Tracking Feature

Now that brands and influencers have launched their campaign, it's time to start tracking them in our influencer marketing platform.

Our Live Campaign Tracking feature lets them -

  1. Set goals and list the KPIs to track throughout the campaign.

  2. Monitor the progress and react to issues promptly.

  3. Discuss changes, react to the relevant ones and optimize your campaign to boost its growth.

It helps them manage and see through the campaign till it reaches the end while staying in touch with each other.

Campaign Reports

Lastly, it's time to evaluate the results with our Campaign Reports feature.

Our reports consist of these details to give you a 360-view degree of the campaign -

  1. Overall campaign performance - How it went and the goals and KPIs you achieved.

  2. Content and Creator Insights - How did each influencer's content perform, what were their efforts, and whether you want to build a relationship with them?

  3. Channel Insights - How was your campaign received on each channel, and what were the goals you achieved?

Brands and influencers can use this Report to plan for future influencer campaigns - where to improve and what strong spots to leverage.

In short, our influencer marketing platform helps brands and influencers do the A-Z of an influencer campaign.

They can find each other, connect and collaborate, manage and track live campaigns, and evaluate results.

Within 1 month, 98+ brands have joined us.

So, why are you waiting any longer?

Try our SaaS platform for FREE today to save 50% of your influencer marketing time and efforts.

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